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Long Island's Al Iaquinta wins way onto 'Ultimate Fighter'
March 9, 2012 By MARK LA MONICA - UFC Ultimate Fighter - Al Iaguinta Makes Cast Of Ultimate Fighter



is a very promising lightweight fighter currently training with the Serra-Longo Fight Team. He's a dynamic athlete who despite entering the sport with a good wrestling base, has also shown incredible potential in his striking game. The New York native had a very successful amateur career prior to turning pro, and his highly exciting and very effective fighting style bodes very well for his future in the sport.

Although he originally entered the sport with his wrestling base, Iaquinta has proven he's a natural striker who's picked up the standup game at an astonishing rate. An excellent athlete, Iaquinta is very quick and fast, and possesses very strong technical striking skills. He shows beautiful boxing skills and is blessed with very fast hands, a quick jab, and an impressive right cross and left hook - all while possessing good punching power. Extremely comfortable on his feet, Iaquinta displays very impressive footwork and head movement - two attributes which might be his most impressive qualities on his feet. Iaquinta is incredibly quick and agile on his feet and seems to glide around the cage and in and out of range effortlessly. He shows excellent reflexes and reaction time, displays nice counter striking abilities and is a very strong defensive striker. Iaquinta uses lots of bobbing, weaving and head movement, and is a very hard target to hit. He's excellent at using his footwork and speed to stay just out of his opponents range, and has shown a solid chin early in his career. Iaquinta's striking is not limited to just his punches, and he does throw nice high kicks and powerful leg kicks with impressive technical acumen. His overall striking game is technical and varied, and he puts together very tidy combinations with good precision. In addition to his wrestling credentials, Iaquintia is also a former USKBA Amateur Thaiboxing East Coast Super Middleweight Champion and USKBA Amateur MMA 160lb North East Championship and his striking game might be the most impressive aspect of his MMA arsenal.

Iaquinta enters the sport with good takedowns and a solid wrestling pedigree. He parlayed his success at Wantagh High School to the collegiate level, where he was a consensus top ten wrestler at 141 pounds during his one year at Nassau Community College (NJCAA). Iaquinta is a good, hard working wrestler who's displayed a nice sprawl and the ability to get the fight to the mat. Tremendously composed at all times, Iaquinta is very quick and calm on the ground where he controls his opponents well and shows good technical ground skills. His jiu jitsu continues to improve and he's well versed submission fighter who is proficient and intelligent enough to capitalize on those opportunities that arise. Iaquinta also displays an active ground and pound game, and overall his wrestling, ground control, ground and pound and BJJ abilities mesh together very nicely on the mat.
Al Iaquinta is a solid wrestler who's shown steady progress in both his standup and BJJ abilities. He trains with a good team, appears very committed to his mixed martial arts career, and has the tools and talent to develop into a dynamic, well rounded fighter. Iaquinta has the potential to develop into a superstar, top five fighter in the lightweight division. MMA Ranked - Al Iaquinta Blog - Send A Message To Al Iaguinta - Photos - Articles


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