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Although my primary business is trading in the stock market, I am an MMA enthusiast. I began watching the UFC back in 2006, after watching The Ultimate Fighter and getting hooked on the sport. Shortly after, I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ), which I have done on and off since(injuries have kept me out of the gym far more than I would’ve liked). I trained for several months at several different schools, earning a blue belt along the way.
Most recently, I have been training at Longo and Weidman MMA in Garden City, New York. I often say that I feel as if I’m at “fantasy camp,” because I frequently see, and often take classes from/with numerous current and former UFC fighters and trainers. Although this has been my favorite gym, I have spent some time in 5-6 other ones…and each place was a pleasure. Personally, I think the MMA community and culture is phenomenal. I have gotten along great with virtually everyone I have ever encountered in these places. I don’t think I’ve encountered one bully(in fact, nobody hates bullies more than these guys…reason enough alone for me to like them!!). I often say that if people were as respectful to each other in general as people are to each other in these gyms, this world would be a FAR better place.
So part of my day I am involved with mental combat, grappling with the stock market. And the other part is the much better part, the training. I believe just for exercise alone, people of all types should flock to these gyms…this stuff will get you in the best shape of your life. And who wouldn’t want to look cool at a party demonstrating vicious leg kicks?
Either way, I enjoy being in these places and around these people as often as possible. And I will look to share my “on site” experiences through pictures, videos, interviews, etc.